Nike Air Force 1 Mid '07 Herren Freizeitschuh 315123-001

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Die Legende lebt weiter im Nike Air Force 1 Mid '07 Herrenschuh, der modernen Version des Klassikers, die den unverkennbaren Style mit brandneuen Details kombiniert.

Verfügbarkeit: Auf Lager

Regulärer Preis: 110,00 €

Special Price 66,00 €

Regulärer Preis: 110,00 €

Special Price 66,00 €



  • Obermaterial aus Leder, Synthetik oder Textil, je nach Farbe
  • Perforationen für Belüftung
  • Schaumstoffsohle mit gekapselter Air-Dämpfung
  • Nicht abfärbende Gummi-Außensohle für Traktion und Strapazierfähigkeit
  • Gepolsterter Schuhkragen für eine perfekte, bequeme Passform

  • Die Air Force 1 Story

    Dieser ursprünglich für Basketballspieler entwickelte Schuh wurde nach der Air Force One benannt – dem Flugzeug des Präsidenten der Vereinigten Staaten. Im Jahr 1982 war er der erste Basketballschuh mit Nike Air. Der Schuh revolutionierte das Spiel und breitete sich schnell über die ganze Welt aus, vom Hallenparkett über den Asphalt bis ins Herz der Hip-Hop-Kultur. Bis heute ist der Air Force 1 mit seiner weichen, federnden Dämpfung seinen Wurzeln treu geblieben, wobei sein Kultstatus die Nike Air-Technologie eher zweitrangig erscheinen lässt.


    • Nicht abfärbende Gummi-Außensohle für Traktion und Strapazierfähigkeit
    • Drehpunkte an Vorderfuß und Ferse ermöglichen viel Bewegungsspielraum in alle Richtungen
    • Gezeigte Farbe: Schwarz/Schwarz/Schwarz
    • Style: 315123-001


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    All White Forces

    Great shoe for walking the mall in style. They match everything just keep some instant shoe cleaner and a towel on hand they get dirty easily.


    shoe that is nothin but bad

    when i first saw dis fresh kicks, i knew they were ill. ive always tried to get an actual DECENT mids but these were just the right ones. i loved it, people loved it. the neon yellow on the bottom is just fanatic and the black straps makes it stand out more than other plain kicks. the design is mad nice and theyre mad comfy. worth every 9000 penny


    Nike AF1 Mid Top White/White

    Date- August 13, 2008About a year ago I got my first pair of these and fell in love with them. They are very comfortable and match with just about anything. I liked them so much that I just recently bought another pair. They aren't perfect though so heres a few tips to keeping them looking pretty dang close.<br />1. Keep them clean. Soap and water work just fine but a foaming cleaner works better. Cleaning wipes(multi-purpose) work great also and for tough stains, bust out the "Magic Eraser"(or any similar products for that matter.)<br />2. Invest in a product called "Force Feilds" which prevent and correct creasing in the toe area. It works great and for $9.99 or less, it becomes a great investment withing a couple months.<br />3. One problem that White/White AF1's(low, mid or high tops) have is the dimming or yellowing of the sole. This is unpreventable but can be posponed and covered up. To pospone it, clean the shoe periodically. If you wear them more than 3 days a week, a weekly cleaning wouldwork just fine. If your shoes have or are currently reaching this point, heres how you can fix it.........You Ready For The Secret? Shoe Whitener or White Scuff Cover!!! If you apply it correctly(all the way around and a good, solid 1 or 2 coats) the shoe will look good as new.<br />4. With mid tops the strap if worn unhooked can become weak and eventually hang or even drag on this ground. This looks tacky and sloppy so unless you like tacky and sloppy, connect the strap when you're not wearing the shoes(this only needs to be done the first 2 or 3 months.If you use those tips, you can keep you forces looking fresh and they will last atlest twice as long.


    The Best All-White Midtops EVER!

    I bought these white nike air force one mids about a month ago and they still look great. I always have at least 10 pairs of all white sneakers in my closet because they really do go with everything. These whites look good with anything from jeans to sweatpants to shorts. They offer more support than the low tops, and I think stand out more. These air force ones are truly classics and everyone can wear them. These white sneakers also look good with socks. They go with any color, which comes in handy for anything to baseball or football games. I would highly recommend the all white nike af1's to any one who wants a quality leather shoe that offers support, versatility, and style.


    good shoes

    there good shoes its just that they should drop the price a little and make them more durable overall there a good pair of sneakers

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    Nike 315123-001 Herren Nike Air Force 1 Mid '07 Freizeitschuh ( Schwarz/Schwarz/Schwarz )